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Mobile Food Pantry

Mobile Food Pantry

Ending Hunger… One Mile at a Time

Second Harvest Food Bank provides food assistance throughout the eight county region it serves.  Unfortunately, there are still service gaps in the area.
There are various causes for these gaps:
• Northeast Tennessee is part of the Appalachian region which is mountainous and has many rural communities.
• Pantries and soup kitchens aren’t close enough to where people live so that they can easily get the help they need.
• Lack of transportation for individuals in need.
• Lack of mobility for senior citizens and the disabled.
The Mobile Food Pantry seeks to address these service gaps by providing food assistance in underserved communities that have little or no access to food pantries or soup kitchens.

How can you help reach underserved communities in East Tennessee?

Sponsor a Mobile Food Pantry Distribution
• Partner with Mobile Food Pantry to reach out to a group of individuals in your community.
• Estimate the number of households that you will serve.
• Schedule a date and time for MFP distribution.
• Gather volunteers to help at the distribution.
• Provide $5.00 per household served.
• Provide $25.00 to help alleviate fuel costs.

Host a Mobile Food Pantry Distribution
• Provide a safe, large area for the distribution to take place.
• Have volunteers on hand to help with various jobs at the MFP distribution.

Volunteer at a Mobile Food Pantry Distribution
• Greet and sign-in food recipients.
• Unload the Mobile Food Pantry truck and distribute food products.
• Assist carrying food boxes to vehicles.
• Clean up after distribution.
• Come to Second Harvest Food Bank to sort canned goods, drinks, produce, and bread.


Mobile Food Pantry Volunteer Application

Mobile Food Pantry Volunteer Manual


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Hungry? Find Food.

The Food Bank works with partner agencies to distribute food throughout the area. Find an agency near you that can help.

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